Friday, 16 April 2010

Booming Basil

The world of pesto seems to be on the rise and Sacla is at the forefront of the basil-based revolution. Their slightly dubious link with England's Lawrence Nero Bruno D'allaglio (who cries when he sings God Save the Queen) isn't necessarily the subject of the high praise they deserve - although the partnership does seem to be working for them. What they are doing brilliantly though is getting to their consumers through really simple recipe sharing forums. Check out their Italian Food Lovers Facebook page which has over 26,000 fans at the time of writing this where people passionate about Italian food are sharing their Sacla-inspired recipes.

Their website continues the theme of hearty, simple and tasty Italian food and for a brand site, it's well worth a look here.

So, 'bravo!' to the basil boys at Sacla - brilliant stuff.

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