Friday, 19 March 2010

Toasted Chicken & Pesto Sandwich & Fresh Salad

In this little treat is chicken, pesto, spinach, mozzarella and spicy chilli chutney on granary seed bread. So simple and no frills - pack it with grilled chicken and all the other ingredients and squeeze the lid down! Whilst you wait for the sandwich, roughly chop some avocado and baby corn, pile a bit of the spinach on the plate add some cherry tomatoes and a tasty salad is yours. Roll a lime (to make sure you get as much of the juice as you can) squeeze it over, sprinkle some black pepper and that's it.

To make lunch as cost effective as possible, we have some key ingredients to use in a variety of simple dishes. Pesto is perhaps my favourite of all these. In cous cous or sandwiches, with tuna or chicken, pesto is an absolute winner. Green and red are equally brilliant with lots of different ingredients and the beauty is that you don't really need many more flavours - if you don't want.

The options for a quick and easy toasted sandwich are obviously endless. In this one we've used the ingredients that we use in lots of other dishes - so a little bit of thought and creativity (not too much required) helps to make the food go as far as it can. This lunch is a classic example of very little thinking or skill but so much taste. Happy days.

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