Thursday, 6 May 2010

30 Day Beach Body Challenge

The time has come to start trying to fit into my dress. I've stepped it up a gear at Boot Camp and joined the 30 Day Beach Body Challenge.

A challenge which guarantees results I can measure...

So, the deal is I go to Boot Camp as much as I can, fit in other exercise around it (e.g. going on runs with other Boot Camp goers) and keep a food journal.

After 2 weeks of writing a food journal i've realised just how much booze I drink and how much all the picking during the day adds up. Anyway, the point of this story is that i've started really considering what I eat at lunch. My aim is to be healthy during the day so I can indulge in the evenings (I know its not the right mentality).

So far my lunches have consisted of cous cous as normal but with wholewheat cous cous and lemon juice instead of pesto and a lot of fish.

Here's an example of a 30 day challenge lunch;

Smoked mackerel on seeded Rivita with Butternut dip with Mrs Balls Chutney and basil on top.... Delicious (but not filling!)

To find out more about the challenge go to

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